A manifesto for a more wondrous age.

We’ve made it once more around the Sun. Some years, this in itself feels like an accomplishment. I’d put 2017 in this category. It seemed like we’d never make it at the start of the year, but here we are. Breath in, breath out. It was a year of transitions for many of us, myself included, and I’m glad to have made it through. I’m still composing my piece reflecting on the past year, but let’s also look towards the future.

You may have noticed some changes around here over the past few days. It’s been quiet here at the end of the year, mostly because I’ve been taking time to compose myself more than new writing, and wanted to “leave my tools in the drawer”, as a friend of mine said on Twitter.

Nevertheless, some things have changed on Monochromatic, and I’d like to talk about why. I’ve changed the home page. Take a look at it here. I now show two articles right at the top, The Dispatch, and a Featured Article. This is what I would call, The Dispatch. It’s a less researched, more blog-style post, where I can write something small and send it out to the world without feeling like I’m doing you (dear reader) a disservice.

I feel slightly limited in what I can post given the current schema on monochromatic. In limiting myself to posting a few pieces a week, I strive to make them of the highest quality, and don’t want to “waste” the slot with a few ideas instead of a complete essay. I think in breaking the classification down more, to more frequent dispatch pieces, and featured pieces, it’ll allow me to post more content all the time, rather than waiting for my time slots. Make sense?

I also changed the fonts slightly, and the color palette pretty significantly, to dark mode. Thanks to Rutherford Craze and Brennan Letkeman for taking a look ahead of time to see how I did.

Anyways, it’s the start of the new year. The first day for you to set the pace on your goals. Even if you took today off, that’s okay; but get back into it tomorrow. I hope all of you had a nice holiday, and are excited for what’s coming ahead.

I’ve got some fun things planned for you all, so I hope you keep posted to the site. May you be successful in all your conquests, and enjoy victory when it is afforded to you.

Your faithful commander,

  • Ian Battaglia