A manifesto for a more wondrous age.

NOTE: This is a revision to my update of Gregorian Calendar, which I call "MONOCAL". The only difference in how I'm using it now is in the naming of the months, so if you'd like to use this yourself, just refer to these months listed below.

Hey internet, I’m making a small revision to MONOCAL. After using this for nearly a year, I became frustrated with the overlap between my system and Gregorian. A few of my acronyms are the same as used in Gregorian, so I decided to rename the months and the corresponding acronyms to avoid such confusion.

The quarter system stays the same as it was, along with Chomsky day and everything else about the pervious version. Call this MONOCAL 2.0.

Revised Months:

  1. Unumium -> Enad
  2. Duomium -> Dyad
  3. Tresium -> Triad
  4. Quatrium -> Tetrad
  5. Quintium -> Pentad
  6. Sexium -> Hexad
  7. Septium -> Heptad
  8. Octium -> Oktad
  9. Nonium -> Eniad
  10. Decium -> Dekad
  11. Undecium -> Endekad
  12. Dudecium -> Dodekad
  13. Tredecium -> Tredekad
  • Chomsky Day


I’m also standardizing the way each date should be written, which was the goal of the calendar in the first place. Each acronym is a wholly unique, three-character string. Here they are:

  1. ENA
  2. DYA
  3. TRI
  4. TET
  5. PEN
  6. HEX
  7. HEP
  8. OKT
  9. ENI
  10. DEK
  11. END
  12. DOD
  13. TRE

Other Changes —

Well, nothing really. That’s most of the change, and should hopefully make the system even more usable than before. On a side note, my friend Josh Avenier did his own write-up on MONOCAL, as well as writing a script for parsing the date. You can find his write-up here, and the code here.

Also, my friend Devine has decided to adopt MONOCAL for use in his own work, as well as the operating system he is designing, called Nataniev. You can find the latest on that on his website, or on his Twitter.

Your faithful commander,

  • Ian Battaglia