A manifesto for a more wondrous age.

Monochromatic is the blog of Ian J. Battaglia. As that link says, I'm a writer, photographer, and philomath–among other things–based out of Chicago.

I wish I could say "this is a blog about carpentry joinery techniques," or whatever, but the truth is a lot broader than that. I've always had a really wide range of interests and passions, and those have only expanded over time, creating a vast network of skills and experiences, hopes and dreams, and thoughts and aims. I've written about writing and reading, Japanese and language learning, photography, meditation, and much more.

When considering what I felt was missing, what I wanted to return to when reviving this blog, it was this: I want a space to explore, document, and directly share my attempts to see and perceive the world more vividly, think clearer and more broadly, and find a more thoughtful and holistic connection to myself, my interests, the people around me, and the world.

Really, this is a blog about yearning.

It's about trying new things, and striving for new heights. It's about the connection between creation and cultivation, art and life, thinking and action. It's about finding new ways to relate to the world around you. It's about attempting to see the familiar as wholly original, and to be attentive to the most minute details. And like the tagline, it's about wonder.

If that sounds like something you're interested in, become a member by clicking on the subscribe button, or on the "Sign Up" link up top to join me on this journey. I'll send you my newsletter, Monochromatic Aberration, where I write about the things I've been thinking about, and interested in, and share my work directly with you. Let's explore together.

From Chicago with love,
Your Faithful Commander,
– I

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