A manifesto for a more wondrous age.

In addition to the blog here, I write a newsletter called Monochromatic Aberration, which goes out bi-weekly on Sundays (most of the time).

As it's a newsletter rather than a blog, it's a bit more fleeting. I write about things I've been thinking about lately, or share thoughts that have lingered with me after reading a book, playing a game, or watching an anime. I share articles and links that stuck out to me, and write about what I've been up to; share photos I've taken recently, pieces I've written. Part journal, part essay, it's a direct way not only to hear what I've been interested in lately (which is always in flux!), but to join a conversation with people who share the same aims.

Signing up not only gets you the newsletter, but makes you a member of the site, which gives you access to exclusive posts and free photo wallpapers for your phone from my photography, which you can access here.

See some past issues here.

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