A manifesto for a more wondrous age.

I'm a writer of fiction, literary criticism, interviews, essays, screenplays, and more. My writing has been featured in The Kenyon Review, and in The Chicago Review of Books, where I am a contributing writer. As a screenwriter, I was selected to write the official adaptation of Nathaniel Rich's short story, HERMIE. I was accepted to the Residencia Corazón in La Plata, Buenos Aires, on the merit of my fiction work. I am working on a novel manuscript.

I've curated below what I think to be my finest writing.

Fiction -

  • HERMIE - Official adaptation of Nathaniel Rich's short story into a short screenplay.
  • Dust - "The flower looked so frail in my hands, so red in the light. One of the petals was almost translucent. I placed a hand to my mouth and felt the stubble on my lip."
  • Steam - "It was pitch black this time of year, and there was nothing to tell you  where to go. I loved that feeling, it made me feel like I was smart."
  • Chirp - "She got down on her knees and leaned into the bird. It blinked. She gasped softly."
  • Artifact - "Its sacred geometry shifted in my eye, though I knew that was just part of it’s trick. It renders itself different to all those who’d seen it but what I saw left me breathless."
  • Howl - "There was nothing wrong with the moon. It seemed like it would keep growing. It wasn’t a problem until it was."

Non-Fiction -